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Grants 4 Grands is a project created by L.A.C.E. the non-profit organization.

L.A.C.E. is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of poverty.

We assist needy families and needy individuals with emergency food. clothing, hygiene items, and monetary gifts.

We have served the less fortunate since April 1990.

During the year of 2008 the request for emergency food was overwhelming.

It was also the year that we noticed an increase in the number of Senior Citizens coming to us for assistance.

We discovered a population that was going uncared for.

There was a growing number of GRAND PARENTS raising GRAND CHILDREN...

These Grand families were in great need of emergency assistance.

This was the start of the program "GRANTS 4 GRANDS"...

The project was designed to grant small monetary grants to these grand families.

In an effort to raise money to fund this program we conducted fund-raisers to generate money for Grants 4 Grands.

We are not government funded, therefor all of our finances are generated through donations, contributions and fund-raisers.

Donations dropped and in some months stopped coming because of the slump in the economy.The request for assistance never stopped.

Some of these families receive Food Stamps.

Food stamps can not be used to purchase toilet paper, tooth paste, soap, tooth brushes, pampers, washing powder, cough medicine,

deodorant, shampoo and other hygiene items.

Your donation will allow us to award small monetary grants to these Grand Families for these much needed items.

If everyone that visit this site would donate ONE DOLLAR we could continue to help Grand Parents that are in need of help.

The Power of One.... One Person, One Dollar, will make One Big difference in the lives of suffering women and children.

May we please count on your support? Please share this request with

your family, friends, co-workers, church family and business associates.

We need your prayers,and we need your financial support.

We can make a difference in the lives of Grand families with One Dollar at a time, ONE FAMILY at a time... I BELIEVE IN THE POWER of ONE

I believe you are THE ONE to help make the difference. Thank You and GOD BLESS... 702 203-4348


P.O. Box 92061

Henderson, NV 89015

We are a local organization, addressing a global problem.


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