GRANTS 4 GRANDS - HELP 4 Grand Parents that are raising Grand Children
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Grants 4 Grands is dedicated to helping Grand Parents that are raising Grand Children.
Parents incarcerated, parents deceased, parents not capable of caring for child. These are some of the reasons Grand Parents are left with the responsibility of raising the Grand Children.
Some and most Grand Parents are living on small retirements or low incomes.
To look up and have the extra expense of raising grand children can be overwhelming for some.
Even if the Grand family is receiving Food Stamp assistance, they can not buy tissue paper, tooth paste, shampoo,  bath soap, and other personal hygiene items.
I know you will agree, these Grand families need help.
We are dedicated to helping these Grand families by granting them small
monetary grants to help with the added expense of raising the Grand Children.
We all know of or may be the Grand parent raising the grand Children.
This is a universal problem, Grand families come in all races, all creeds and all colors.
Some of these Grands have to do without in order to meet the needs of the children they love and care for.
Grand families need our help.
Grands are Great, please donate...Thank you and God Bless.... 
Grants 4 Grands is a project powered by L.A.C.E. the non-profit organization.
L.A.C.E. is a 501c3 non-profit organization serving the less fortunate since April 1990.
Thank you for your much needed and much appreciated support.
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